What does each navigation light mean in aircrafts?

Regardless of the flight you are taking, some aspects are extremely common. Not only you do follow the same embarking procedure, but the employees always make sure every single aspect is perfectly set up for the departure. In this category also enters the navigation lights, which play a major role in this process. Besides that, it is imperative to always have at your hands portable lighting, like the ones found on signalight.com, which helps landing in any occasion. Even so, knowing what each navigation light is being used for is a great information to keep in the back of your mind next time you will be flying.

What are the basic navigation lights?

If you have ever wondered what the role of the runway lighting system is or how would a person understand the aviation light specification, you do not need to look any further. Some of the most important aspects to take into consideration are the colors. Thus, they are meant to be seen from miles away, especially during flight.

  • Red and green lights – when it comes to aviation light, the red and green lights are the basics. These ones are located on each side of the aircraft. At all times, the green light is positioned on the right wing. On the contrary, the red one is located on the left wing. This improves even the heliport lights, as anyone can see the aircraft even during a bad weather. Since the colors are well separated, it means that everyone would know what the position of the aircraft is (red is always left, whereas green is always right). The choice of these colors is very well thought, as the human eye is most sensitive to green. In addition, red is the easiest to spot when having a blue background. Thus, even the led airport runway lighting can be seen from miles above.

What are the anti-collision lights?

If you have a super bright and flashing light, there are few to inexistent chances to get unnoticed. This should not come as a surprise since every aircraft owns a pair of these. They are called the anti-collision lights and are usually located on the top and bottom of the aircraft (if we are talking about the red beacons). In general, these are helpful especially when it comes to the airport runway lights.

On the contrary, the blinding white strobe lights are positioned right on the wingtips. In most of the cases, these can be spotted easily by the human eye at night, when aircrafts are flying above our heads. Together with the heliport lighting colors and heliport lighting requirements, it is possible to have a safe and smooth flight to the destination regardless of the weather.

What is the aviation obstruction light?

When it comes to aircrafts, a single error is fatal. Thus, a moody weather can interfere with the pilot’s visibility and the aircraft’s controlling. Thankfully, the obstruction light aviation can put a stop to any possible damage. This type of lights is placed on top of the big buildings, especially skyscrapers. By this way, pilots can spot and avoid them even though the visibility is very low. The same applies for the solar aviation obstruction lighting, which is coupled with the airport obstruction lights for the best visibility. You might want to also find out more about the secundar: aviation obstacle lights and the obstacle light aviation warning, as they are part of the bigger category.

How are the lights being controlled by the pilot?

Despite the high number, every pilot knows how to control the navigation lights at any pace. It is part of their job and makes the basic helicopter landing regulations and private heliport requirements. Every aircraft has installed a bunch of buttons and switches right on the pilot’s overhead panel. With it, he can make all the necessary changes when it need. This is extremely helpful not only as being part of the faa helicopter landing pad requirements, of the hospital helipad requirements, or part of the helicopter landing pad lighting requirements. For the landing to be done successful and confirmed, all these aspects must be considered. It should not come as a surprise since safety is the most important aspect when flying an aircraft. While using the helipad lighting system and keeping an eye on the solar helipad lights, you are one step closer to have everything perfectly set up. Do not forget also about the helipad light fixtures, which is meant to come in handy whenever this is necessary.

Knowing what the meaning of each navigation light in aircrafts is is impressive and something everyone should do. Next time you are catching a flight, do not forget to check everything you can from your little window and see if what we presented here is exactly how it is!

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